Motion Control – Linear Positioning Drives in NEMA 8 and NEMA 14 from Nanotec Electronic

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Medford, MA, Motion Control – Nanotec Electronic, U.S., Inc. has expanded the range of hybrid linear positioning drives by models in a NEMA 8 (20 mm flange size) and NEMA 14 (35 mm flange size). Linear positioning drives include a rotating screw mounted on the stepper motor. The linear movement is generated with the aid of an external nut. These motors are ideal for the design of compact linear axes as there is no need for the coupling and the bearing support point for the screw. The small linear positioning drives are used, for example, for scanning tasks in optical, mechanical or acoustic test equipment.

The hybrid linear positioning drives from Nanotec Electronic use special, maintenance-free thermo-plastic nuts. Despite its small size, the NEMA-8 model LS2018 delivers a force of 40 N and a step resolution of 0.005 mm. The NEMA-14 model LS3518 delivers a force of 140 N and a resolution of 0.01 mm. Standard screw lengths of 75 or 150 mm are available; customer-specific screw lengths can be optionally obtained. Both actuators can also be supplied with high-resolution (2000 incr./rev.) encoders.


Type Force Feed Resolution
N mm/s µm/step
LS2818S0604-T6x1-75 60 20 5
LS2818S0604-T6x2-75 60 20 10
LS2818S0604-T5x5-75 30 100 25
LS2818L0604-T6x1-75 120 30 5
LS2818L0604-T6x2-75 120 30 10
LS2818L0604-T5x5-75 60 140 25
LS2818L1404-T6x2-75 140 40 10



Type Force Feed Resolution
N mm/s µm/step
LS3518S1204-T6X1-75 240 50 5
LS3518S1204-T6X2-75 160 100 10
LS3518S1204-T5X5-75 85 250 25



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