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Motion Control – maxon launches light and invisible e-bike system!

Motion Control – Light and Lnvisible e-bike system!

Motion Control – First, maxon’s drives flew on Mars in the NASA helicopter – now they’re letting bike riders lift off.

motion control - invisible electric bike system

motion control - maxon motors



Taunton, MA — Motion Control – After several years of development, the company presents the BIKEDRIVE Air – a light and invisible e-bike system consisting of a mid-mounted motor, integrated battery, and control element. It can be used to build extremely lightweight racing, gravel, urban, and mountain bikes. The first bicycles made by maxon customers will be introduced to the market this year.

Motion Control – Application – Maxon Motors in Surgical Robots for Minimally Invasive Procedures!

Motion Control – Motors for Surgical Robots!

Motion control – The latest, next generation surgeries are being performed today using Intuitive Surgical Inc.’s (Sunnyvale, CA) da Vinci™S HD Surgical System, which allows surgeons to perform the most minimally invasive procedures to date. The system incorporates the height of motion control technologies so that every motion provides the smooth, accurate movements reminiscent of a skilled surgeon – even at slow, calculated speeds.

motion control - surgical robotics

motion control - maxon motors


Taunton, MA — Motion Control Products – The surgical system itself requires only the use of two 8- and one 12-mm wide hole in a patient, for insertion of the two surgical manipulators and a camera. Only the robot and surgical assistants stand over the patient, while the surgeon, the system operator, can be across the room at the Surgeon’s console where even the look and feel of the open surgery is duplicated with precision.

Motion Control – “New Design Pillow and Flange Blocks!

Motion Control – “New Design” Pillow and Flange Blocks!

motion control - pillow blocks

E. Longmeadow, MA  — Motion Control  – Linear Motion – Lubricating Stainless Steel and Self-Aligning Linear Ball Bearings has never been easier! “New Design” pillow blocks and flange blocks from LM76, features a lubrication fitting, and an alignment set screw in the pillow blocks and flange blocks, and the Stainless Steel and self aligning linear bearings are modified by having an alignment flat ground on the bearings’ outer shell and drilling a hole through the outer shell.

motion control - linear motion products

Lubricants can then be pumped directly inside of linear ball bearing races without having to remove the bearing from the shaft. The Pillow and Flange Blocks also have been designed to accommodate an encapsulated ETX Scraper Seals that prevents contaminants from getting inside the bearing and retains the lubricant in the bearing.

Linear Motion Control Stage Features Sub-micron Positioning, 10 mm Clear Aperture, and High Acceleration!

Motion Control Miniature Stage

Motion Control Company

Sunnyvale, CA, —Linear Motion Control – Equipment Solutions’ Series of VCS-10 Voice Coil Stages feature: Sub-micron positioning, high acceleration, digital and/or analog position sensors, and are available with a 10 mm clear aperture! These high acceleration stages (50 G’s no load), have 10 mm of linear motion and < 3 millisecond step response time. The customizable VCS-10 Series of linear position stages are ideal for high speed, high precision optical and laser focusing applications in: Medical, semiconductor inspection and manufacturing, scanning microscopy, and micro machining/manufacturing.

The VCS-1010D linear motion control positioning stage (pictured) features a 10 mm clear aperture and a 1 μm resolution digital position sensor, with differential quadrature outputs and a center index pulse. The highly responsive, frictionless voice coil motor has been optimized to keep the moving mass as low as possible for the fastest response times, and it has the lowest electrical noise of any motor type. These compact 76 X 41 X 38 millimeter linear motion stages weigh only 255 grams and can be operated horizontally or vertically. Multiple sets of mounting holes allow for easy integration into new or existing applications.

These versatile VCS-10 linear positioning stages can be custom configured to meet the users requirements. As an example, is the custom VCS-1010D (pictured) with a 6mm lens and manual cross-axis adjustments.Equipment Solutions is a leading authority in the field of linear motion voice coil stages. Recognizing that exceptional performance can only be achieved through a system level approach, ESI also has extensive servo electronics expertise. Equipment Solutions motors and actuators are used in markets ranging from applications where our actuators delicately guide a laser beam over an eye as part of a vision enhancement procedure to military hardware that is battlefield certified, and everything in between.

With a time-to-market as short as four weeks, Equipment Solutions has maintained innovative, high quality products. Equipment Solutions, never loses sight of the value of listening very carefully to client input, nurturing a cooperative working relationship, understanding the big picture but never losing sight of the small details that describe it, and perhaps most importantly, following through with after delivery support.

For additional information contact Jeff Knirck at Equipment Solutions, 1098 West Evelyn Ave. #102, Sunnyvale, CA 94086; Tel: 408-245-7161, Fax: 408-245-7160, or visit the Website at

Equipment Solutions
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Motion Control – Brakes for Servos & Steppers from Servo2Go!

Spring Applied Brakes for Servo & Stepper Motors Available from Servo2Go!

Servo2Go - Motion Control Spring Brakes


Greenville, DE –Motion Control — Spring Brakes for Servo Motors and Stepper Motors – Available from SERVO2GO! — SAB brakes from Inertia Dynamics are designed to be engaged and disengaged in a static condition at zero RPM. They are best used as a parking brake to hold a load in position. These brakes can be mounted to a flange or motor using thru-holes or tapped holes in the field cup. A conduit box is optional.

SAB brakes have been used extensively for servo brake applications. High temperature coil insulations are available upon request. The SAB brakes are rated up to 1200 Lb-in static torque, and fit motors up to 6.5″ OD.

Key Features:

  • 12V, 24V, 90VDC or 120VAC windings
  • Static torque to 1200 lb-in
  • Bore sizes from 3/8″ to 1.5″
  • Low current consumption
  • Low cost
  • Metric bores & special voltages available

To view the specification on the Inertia Dynamics family of Spring Applied Brakes available from Servo2Go – Click on the link below

Inertia Dynamics Products are available through

For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak or visit at:

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Maxon is a Founding Member of “REM-C”, a University / Industry Partnership for Innovation!

Motion Control Technology – “It was not that long ago that artificial intelligence and advanced robotic research efforts were quietly housed in the back room skunk works of engineering giant and government sponsored agencies. The same high level of robotic technology is now being taught in the classrooms and developed in the laboratories of universities across the country”, states REM-C Board President Kirk Barker.


Motion Control Technology - Maxon is a founding member of REM-C

Maxon Logo -leader in miniature motion control technology

Fall River, MA – and – Mt. Royal, NJ – Motion Control Technology — REM-C, a university / industry partnership is pleased to announce its formation. REM-C (Roboticists, Engineers & Manufacturers Consortium) was established to bridge the gap between university robotic programs and the engineering community.

REM-C is a non-profit organization, comprised of leading manufacturers and universities, dedicated to the advancement of robotic technology. The collective purpose of the membership is to inspire, innovate, identify technical challenges and provide engineered solutions to the robotics community.

Founding members Fischer Connectors, Harmonic Drive, Igus and maxon precision motors have identified over one hundred and forty (140) universities, in the United States alone, with dedicated robotic curriculums. The costs associated with maintaining these technically challenging programs, at a high level, often times exceed the university budgets. REM-C provides universities a means for;

  • discount pricing from sponsoring partners
  • added levels of technical support
  • networking with a select group of leading manufacturers and educators with a common interest in robotics
  • opportunities for financial support through grants and awards
  • website forum and technical resource http://
  • internships and employment opportunities


For additional information on REM-C go to the maxon precision motors website at

Trust Automation – Motion Control Brushed Rotary Servos to 500 Watts!

High Quality, Low Inertia, Low Torque Ripple Brushed Servo Motors.

Motion Control Brushed Servos to 500 Watts from Trust Automation

Trust Automation Motion Control

San Luis Obispo, CA –Motion Control – The Trust Automation SE500 Series Motion Control Brushed Servo Motors are compact, high quality motors designed specifically to reduce motor size while increasing motor torque. The torque ripple is low, approximately .3% of the rated motor torque. Available in four NEMA frame sizes (42, 54, 76, 88), SE500 Series motors delivers continuous stall torque from .71 lb-in to 19.12 lb-in and peaks from 3.72 lb-in to 147.81 lb-in.

The SE500 Series motor line includes differential encoder signals, A, B and Index. All models are oil sealed, and 110W and larger motors have brake and tachometer options. They feature very low torque ripple, about .6% of the ripple present in previous generation motors.

The Motion Control Trust Automation SE500 series motors are stocked at the Trust Automation factory for quick delivery on orders of five or less units. Trust Automation servo motors combine standard US style encoders in a compact high quality package. Applications include: Medical imaging, semiconductor processing, packaging and robotics, to name just a few.


  • Standard models stocked for short lead time
  • Rugged high quality industrial construction
  • Differential encoder signals A, B and Index
  • High quality neodymium magnets
  • NEMA IP43 rated
  • CE/UL certified
  • Customization available


  • Medical imaging and research equipment
  • Semiconductor processing equipment
  • Robotics
  • Packaging



Insulation Grade…………………..F Type, 500 VDC, 10MO

Dielectric Strength………1,500 VAC, 1 min


SE520-0023 – SE550-0500

Motor and Sensor Connections……………………………….Type: Pigtail, un-terminated Length: 3.6 ft (1.0 M)

Vibration Grade……………………………V10

Excitation System…………………Permanent Magnet

Protection Systems……………………….Fully Enclosed, Self Cooling

Weight…………………………1 lb to 14 lbs (.45 kg to 6.35 kg)


Maxium Altitude…………………6,560 ft (2000 M)

Temperature (ambient)……………………….Normal operation 0° C to +40° C, Storage -20° C to +65° C

Humidity…………………………Operating: 10% to 70% non-condensing


Motor Specifications
Rated Output (Watts)
Cont. Stall Torque (lb-in)
Peak Stall Torque (lb-in)
Cont. Current (A)
Peak Current (A)
Torque Constant (lb-in/A)
Voltage Constant (V/KPRM)
Flange Size (mm)

To download Data Sheet – Click Here

To Request Technical Data Sheet – Click Here

Since 1990 Trust Automation has provided Smart Solutions in Motion Control and Affordable Customization of motion related products.

Trust Automation, Inc. has focused on developing and manufacturing the highest quality, high performance components in the motion control market. Our innovative products address the increasing demand for higher performance and simpler machine integration and efficency. When designing products and custom solutions, Trust Automation carefully optimizes the tradeoffs among weight, efficiency, speed, precision, and power. GREENTECH High Efficiency Drives , Traction Controllers, High Efficiency Motors, and High Efficiency Generators are such examples.

Other motion control products available are: Drives, Linear Amplifiers, Controllers and Motors for: Defense, Semiconductor, Industrial Automation, and Medical applications. Additionally, Trust Automation can supply a sub-system or a complete turn-key system.

For additional information contact Sadie Rogers at Trust Automation, 143 Suburban Road, Bldg 100, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401; Tel: 805-544-0761, Fax: 805-544-4621, E-Mail: or visit the Web site at

Stepper Motor Driver Has Up to 10 Amps and 80 Volts!

Motion Control - Lin Engineering Stepper R1025 Driver

Lin Engineering-Motion Control-Logo

Morgan Hill, CA – Motion Control -Lin Engineering is pleased to announce the Beta release of the new R1025 stepper motor driver. Combining high performance with a wide spectrum of features, the R1025 can be utilized with stepper motors of many shapes and sizes.

The R1025 microstepping driver is capable of output currents ranging from 0.8 to 10.0 amps peak while handling +12 to 80VDC of input voltage. With selectable step resolutions from Full stepping to 256x microstepping, the R1025 stepper driver is capable of stepping a typical 1.8 degree motor over 51,000 steps per revolution! The R1025 also boasts three selectable damping modes for smooth motion and three optically isolated inputs. One of the biggest advantages of the R1025 is its ease of use; with on-board DIP switches, there is no need to connect this device to a computer making set-up quick and simple.


  • Operates from +12 to 80 VDC
  • Selectable run currents from 0.8 to 10 Amps Peak Holding
  • and Running Torque
  • Step Resolutions from Full step, 2x, 4x, 5x, 8x, 10x, 16x,
  • 25x, 32x, 50x, 64x, 100x, 125x, 128x, 250x, 256x Microstepping
  • Optically isolated inputs that can sink and source
  • (3 to 24 VDC, 16mAmps)
  • Selectable Damping modes for smooth motion:
  • Easy to configure without connecting to PC; utilizes DIP switches
  • – Run and hold current
  • – Step resolution
  • – Smoothness setting (fast and mixed decay modes)
  • Operating temperature of -40C to 85C
  • Operates in ambient temperature of -20C to 50C

Limited quantities of the R1025 stepper motor driver are available. Please contact your local sales representative or Lin Engineering for further details

Lin Engineering has earned the reputation as the technical leader in step motor design with the ability to “Maximize Torque at Desired Speed.”

Founded by Ted T. Lin in 1987, Lin Engineering began as a consulting company specializing in step motor applications. Throughout the company’s history, it has continued to develop its capabilities in the areas of design engineering, manufacturing and customer service. Lin Engineering has developed its product line to include drivers, optical encoders, power supplies, spur and planetary gearboxes, and integrated step motor drives.

For additional information about the 10 Amps, 80 Volts, Stepper Motor Driver, contact Lin Engineering at 16245 Vineyard Blvd., Morgan Hill, CA 95037. Tel: 408-919-0200, Fax 408/919-0201, or e-mail us at and say, “I saw it in” or visit our Web site at

Request the Maxon Motion Control Newsletter

Motion Control -Maxon Newsletter-Banner


Motion Control – Maxon’s latest 2013 Newsletter features news and articles on:

Ordering DCX drives online:

Easily configure the new maxon DCX drives online from anywhere.  The finished drive, when ordered online, will be ready for shipment from Switzerland in 11 working days or less.


New Products:

The maxon ESCON Module 50/5 and ESCON 70/10. The servo controllers feature outstanding control characteristics and are designed for brushed and brushless DC motors with Hall sensors.
A detailed overview of the various trade fairs maxon is represented at.


The Newsletter also has links to:

maxon selection program

maxon configurator

maxon online catalog

maxon magazine

To request the maxon Newsletter – Click Here!

Motion Control – Galil’s RIO-47142 Pocket PLC with Two Ethernet Ports!

Servo2Go - Motion Control Galil pocket Controller


Greenville, DE — — Motion Control – Galil, an industry leader in motion control technology, is announcing the latest product in their RIO Pocket PLC Series. The new RIO-47142 includes an internal switch with two Ethernet ports for daisy-chaining multiple RIO units. This allows management of an unlimited number of inputs and outputs without an external Ethernet switch.

On the market for five years, Galil’s motion control RIO Pocket PLC series provides a compact and intelligent solution for programmable I/O control. “Now, with two Ethernet ports instead of just one, the RIO-47142 reduces system costs and speeds system set-up when multiple controllers are required”, said Ann Keffer, Director of Marketing. “The RIO provides a cost-effective method for adding inputs and outputs to a variety of motion and non-motion applications.”

Each motion control RIO unit is self-contained and provides 32 optically isolated digital inputs and outputs, and 16 analog inputs and outputs. RIOs are intelligent input and output controllers that use a powerful RISC processor for fast handling of I/O & logic. There is on-board non-volatile memory and multitasking for simultaneous execution of up to four programs. Other standard features include variables and arrays, PID process control loops, timers, counters, web interface, email alerts, data-logging, and the ability to read position and temperature sensors.

The RIO controller can be programmed using Galil’s easy-to-use, two-letter language which is standard for all Galil motion and I/O controllers. Software is also available for converting a Relay Ladder Logic program (often used by PLC programmers) into code for input into the RIO controller.

Measuring just 3.88” x 4.26” x 1.30”, the compact RIO is packaged in a metal enclosure and provides D-type connectors for convenient interface. The RIO receives power from an external supply of 18V – 36V DC. LED indicators provide a convenient display of all digital inputs and outputs.

The RIO-47142 is $415 US in single quantity and $305 US in quantities of 100. Delivery is <2 weeks.

For more information on the RIO-47142 Pocket PLC from Galil Motion Control, available from click on the link below –




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For further information on this new motion control product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit at:

New Motion Control STAC5 High Performance Stepper Motor Driver from Servo2Go!

New Motion Control STAC5 High Performance Stepper Motor Driver from Servo2Go!

Greenville, DE- is pleased to introduce the STAC5 step motor driver from Applied Motion Products. The STAC5 provides up to 5 amps per phase from a high bus voltage with sophisticated current control, delivering high torque over a board range of speeds. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm with electronic damping allows for maximum torque utilization and fast settling times.

The STAC5 is available in 120VAC and 220VAC versions, both housed in a compact package

All STAC5 models include 100Mbit Ethernet communication. The Ethernet interface is used to configure the STAC5 and motor, and also supports the SCL and Q languages over standard Ethernet cabling, addressing and protocols.

The “S” models accept step and direction, analog input, joystick control, and streaming host commands using the SCL language. “S” models include four digital inputs, a 12-bit analog input, and two digital outputs. “Q” models add standalone programmable operation using the Q programming language. This versatile language includes high-level features such as complex motion, multi-tasking, conditional programming, math functions, register access, and more. The “Q” models include 12 digital inputs, a 12 bit analog input, and six digital outputs.

An encoder feedback option provides position verification, stall detection and/or stall prevention. Applied Motion’s proprietary stall prevention algorithm monitors rotor lag and automatically reduces speed or acceleration to avoid motor stalls, allowing 100% torque utilization.

The STAC5 can be purchased with a wide range of high torque Nema 23 & Nema 34 step motors with holding torque ranging from 84 to 1700 ounce-inches.

The STAC5 lists at $473 US/ea. Delivery is typically stock to 2 weeks.

More information on the New STAC5 Microstep Driver from can be viewed at –

For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit at:

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