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Santa Clarita, CA – Linear Motion Actuators – With the recent acquisition of the Baldor linear motion product line, H2W Technologies now manufactures an extensive line of AC Polynoid Linear Actuators. The highly customizable AC Polynoid Linear Actuator is an open loop AC linear induction motor that provides a constant force over its entire stroke.  It is comprised of two basic parts, a rod and a stator, and can run directly off of 115/230 VAC line voltage or with an adjustable frequency drive.  The stator is a series of interconnected coils that are housed in a toothed steel assembly.  The rod is a copper clad steel shaft.  Available as single-phase or 3-phase actuators they can generate from 1lb (4.4 N) up to 100lb (445 N) of force.  Speed is up to 90 in/sec (2.3 m/s) and acceleration is 1g (9.8 m/s2).  Applications include, but are not limited to: Sorting, switching, door, linear slide, and gate actuation.

AC Polynoid Linear Actuators voltage options include 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 380 VAC, 460.480 VAC, 550 VAC, and 660 VAC.  Changing direction of travel is simply a function of reversing poles. The 3-phase series actuators are capable of dynamic braking. Duty cycles are between 1% and 99%, and for added cooling both series are available with fins for improved heat dissapation. Shafts available in lengths to 6 feet are supplied with drilled and taped ends.   As an option the actuators can be ordered with a holding coil (brake) on one or both ends. Either, the rod or stator can be fixed.  Integral Rulon® Fluoropolymer long-wearing, bearings provide a long, maintenance-free life.

H2W Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to the design and manufacture of linear and rotary motion products that are used in the motion control industry. The complete line of linear electric motors includes: Single and dual axis linear steppers, DC brush and brushless linear motors, voice coil actuators, and AC induction motors. Also offered is a complete line of ball screw, lead screw and belt driven positioning stages.

Other motion control products include: Limited angle torque motors for compact, limited angular excursion rotary servo applications, 3 phase brushless rotary servo motors with matching digital servo amplifiers and permanent magnet linear brakes for fail-safe, zero power braking for baggage handling and people moving applications as well as amusement park rides.

With over 75 years combined experience in the linear and rotary motion field, the H2W Technologies team of engineers offers the optimal solution to the most demanding motion control, requirements.

For additional information contact Mark Wilson at H2W Technologies, 26380 Ferry Ct, Santa Clarita, CA 91350; Tel:888-702-0540, E-Mail: or visit the website at

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