New High Performance Slotless 36mm Brushless Motors With Overtemperature Protection!

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Winchester, Ohio – Koford Engineering LLC has introduced a new line of high performance 36mm slotless brushless motors that offer overtemperature protection. Thermistor temperature sensors embedded in the windings are available on both sensorless and hall sensor motors to provide a temperature signal to a system controller for overtemperature shut down and fault indication. For stand alone systems, motors using hall sensors are available with an internal control which will turn off the motor if the temperature exceeds the maximum winding temperature. Once the motor cools off the motor will restart.

The 36mm series has the highest torque, power density and efficiency in their class. It is available in 2 and 4 pole designs and with hall sensors or sensorless with power outputs 10 to 620 watts, speeds from 3,600 up to 30,000 rpm, and efficiencies up to 90%. Mechanical time constants are as low as 4ms. The slotless design eliminates cog and allows for precise servo motion compared to conventional toothed motors. The 4 pole configuration doubles the resolution for hall feedback speed control, improving servo performance. These motors are engineered to provide a straight line speed torque relationship under all conditions.

Optionally gearboxes and encoder can be provided. Motors with integral 2 or 3 wire electronics can be provided. Matching High efficiency/high frequency hall and sensorless drives which do not require any external inductors are also available.

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