Motion Control Webinar – Extreme Environment Operation of DC Servos.

Extreme Environment Operation of DC Servo Motors. What are the Challenges and What is Required?

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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada — Join us for a FREE Webinar on January 21st at 11:00 EST. Register Today!

Target Audience

Engineers that need motors to run in extreme environments such as down hole drilling, high temperature, submersible, vacuum, space, etc.

Topics and Schedule:

• DC Motor selection background

• Brushed and brushless DC motor

• Heavy duty DC motors for harsh environments

• Testing of heavy duty motors: Vibration, temperature, in oil, …

• Application fields of heavy duty motors

What You Will Learn

• How to size a motor for a particular application

• How key motor data change with ambient temperature and environment they run in

• How to make a DC motor “Heavy Duty” and how the outcome is tested at maxon

Presenters: Dr. Urs Kafader and Dr. Robin Phillips, maxon motor AG

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