New Motion Control Nanoprecision Linear Shaft Motor Stage Is Available from Servo2Go!

Motion Nanoprecision Linear Shaft Motor

Greenville, DE –— Nippon Pulse America introduces their new SCR100 stage. The SCR100 stage is an ultra high precision, compact single axis stage that integrates a slide guide, encoder, and Linear Shaft Motor. The SCR100 stage offers a wide range of advantages for ultra high performance and accuracy applications. The Linear Shaft Motor is a coreless direct drive linear motor, which has zero cogging. This allows for higher resolution, speed, and continuous force than standard stepper motors and piezo servomotors.

The SCR100 stage is a moving magnet design, which locates all cables and connectors in the stationary base. The resulting absence of any moving cable is clean and compact and eliminates motion errors due to cable forces. The precision ground cross roller way provides high stiffness and smooth motion. Together they are capable of supporting higher torque levels due to offset loads with travels from 50mm to 300mm. The non-contact Linear Shaft Motor and optical linear encoders are self-contained inside the stage, making it a low-profile compact solution. The built-in non-contact optical linear encoder is available with resolutions from 1 micron to 10 nanometers with digital output. The sub-micron resolution results in a high accuracy stage, which is laser tested for optimum performance.

Users of the SCR100 stage in the Drive industry have stated – “This little Nippon Shaft motor stage really performs exceptionally well with both repeatability and coggless velocity control. We are excited by what we see.” While engineers from the Microscopy industry have stated – “The stage is very responsive and does a very good job controlling velocity which is the heart of our process.” Jeramé Chamberlain Linear Shaft Motor product manager for the US states that “With bi-directional repeatability of +/-1 count it rivals all piezo servomotor stages at a fraction of the cost.”

The Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motor has gained a reputation of servicing the very demanding, ultra high precision motion control applications in a number of markets. Those markets include Metrology, Spectroscopy, Digital pathology, Microscopy, Disk drive, Semiconductor fabrication, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Cell Imaging, Particle Analysis, Medical Device, Stent fabrication, National Laboratories, Photonics/Telecom, Aerospace and Defense and Genomics.

The SCR100 stage has the added benefit that any standard digital servo driver can drive the SCR100 stage. Any two SCR stages will bolt directly together to form a very stiff, compact X-Y stage. Two SCR stages can be supplied compounded as an X-Y stage to insure true orthogonal orientation. The SCR100-50, with 100-nanometer resolution, has a list price of $3395 US. Options include DI Water or Vacuum compatible, open frame, and custom configurations.

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