Motion Control – Electromate Presents – Lunch N’ Learn Seminars in Toronto & Montreal – How to Design & Build a High Precision Positioning System!

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Electromate is pleased to announce it will be hosting two Motion Control ‘How to Design & Build a High Precision Positioning System’ Seminars on Tuesday May 17th in Toronto, Ontario and on Wednesday May 18th in Montreal, Quebec.

Participating in the Seminars will be:

Galil Motion Control

Harmonic Drive

Ibex Engineering

Nippon Pulse America

Schneeberger Linear Technology

GSI MicroE Systems

Who would benefit from this Seminar:

Designers in the Medical, Biotech, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Optics, Photonics, Metrology & Microscopy, Material Science, Life Science, Test & Measurement, and Research & Lab Automation markets who are looking to gain a better practical understanding of ‘How to Design & Build a High Precision Positioning Motion Control System’.

The Seminar agenda includes:

· Advanced motion control techniques for sub-micron and nanopositioning applications

Motion Control - Galil driver/Controller

· Using Labview VI’s in sub-micron positioning applications

· Improving positioning with dual-loop control and S-curve motion

· Optimized tuning procedures for high precision systems

· Troubleshooting dithering, ringing, position error, etc.

· Incorporating remote IO for complete machine control

· Bearing system selection (ie. cross roller bearing, linear recirculating, air bearing, flexure, etc)

Motion Control Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Servo Motors

· Importance of the coefficient of friction, stiction, bearing preload, breakaway torque & friction

· The importance of running parallelism, straightness, flatness, orthogonality

· Hysteresis, lost motion, bearing creep and various forces that affect stage performance

· Axial/radial loading and their affects on system precision

· Failure modes. How and when they happen (ie. brinelling)

· Choice of stepper vs servo (ie. positioning vs steady speed applications)

· Linear motors vs. voicecoil motors vs. piezo ceramic motors in high precision linear systems

· Sizing Linear Shaft Motors & linear motor systems

Motion Control Ibex Engineering Stage

· Harmonic Drive vs. Direct Drive Rotary systems … how to choose the right technology

· Understanding system backlash, cogging and rigidity/stiffness

· Accuracy vs. repeatability vs. resolution

· Preferred types of feedback systems and end-of-travel switches

· Chat with an engineer to solve your toughest motion control problem

· Product Demonstrations

What you’ll receive:

-Nippon Pulse & Galil Motor Sizing Software

-Presentation material on USB Stick

Engineers will be on hand demonstrating functioning demos

-The ½ day events are FREE and runs from 9:30am-3:30pm

-Lunch will be served

The Seminar is FREE, however seating is limited.

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