Motion Control – 6mm to 81mm Precision Gearheads From Maxon!

Motion Control - 6mm to 81mm Precision Gearheads From Maxon!

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Fall River, MA — A custom-made maxon precision gearhead is the ideal solution for a motor that is powerful enough for motion, but has too high a speed and too low a torque. Maxon precision motors offers an extensive line of standard planetary and spur gearheads in over 600 variations with diameters ranging from 6mm to 81mm.

Maxon offers custom-made solutions, such as the special planetary gearhead with two speeds on the output side. The motor shaft goes through the gearhead, resulting in two speeds with a mechanically fixed reduction ratio. maxon also produces worm gearheads and spindle drives in addition to special spur and planetary gearheads.

Comprehensive documentation and software are included with every delivery, and are also available for you to download from our website additionally, look for Maxon’s gearheads and compete line of DC brush and brushless motors, encoders and control electronics

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