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Sunnyvale, CA, — Developed for precision optical positioning applications the LFA-1012 Linear Focus Actuator features a patented zero-translation tangential flexure for high speed travel. The clear aperture, 10 mm (0.394 in.) stroke length and standard 12 mm optics mount (or an optional DIN mount for use on microscopes) make this linear focus actuator ideal for: Optical focusing, scanning, interferometry, surface structure analysis, disk drive testing, autofocus systems, confocal microscopy, biotechnology, and semiconductor test equipment.

A frictionless, closed loop, non-contact sub-micron resolution linear displacement sensor having high bandwidth and low noise assures high responsiveness and ultra precision. Positioning resolution of the LFA-1012 actuator is 150 nm, repeatability is 200 nm (short term) and 50 ppm/1000 hr. (long term) with 2.2 lbs. continuous and 3.5 lbs. peak force.

span style=”font-family: verdana,helvetica,arial; font-size: small;”>The low inertia, zero stiction/friction, ± 12 VDC to ± 24 VDC @1 amp, voice coil motor of the Linear Focus Actuator has very low electrical noise, is clean room compatible, and can be operated in any orientation. Mounting holes on various surfaces makes mounting easy in new or existing applications.

The corresponding SCA814 Linear Servo Controller is also available from Equipment Solutions. It is a high performance single axis DC motor controller and amplifier that was developed for applications requiring high temporal and spatial servo precision.

Equipment Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is a provider of engineering and manufacturing services. ESI specializes in the design and production of automation and instrumentation products including motion control components and sub systems. ESI’s products range from galvanometer amplifiers with an integrated arbitrary waveform generator, to high-resolution displacement sensors, voice coil and stepper motor stages, amplifiers and controllers.

For additional information contact Jeff Knirck at Equipment Solutions, 1098 West Evelyn Ave. #102, Sunnyvale, CA 94086; Tel: 408-245-7161, Fax: 408-245-7160, or visit the Website at

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