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XY Gantry Robot with Theta-Control from Intellidrives!

Philadelphia, PA, — Motion Control Components and Systems – Repeatability and accuracy are essential characteristics of any motion control system, and the objective of the design is to assure the desired trajectories can accurately follow through the working range of the system. In traditional XY gantry designs upper gantry member (Y axis) is carried by […]

Motion Control – Linear Positioning Stages With an Integrated Closed Loop Servo Theta Stage!

Santa Clarita, CA — Motion Control- H2W introduces an integrated SR series linear positioning stage with an integrated closed loop servo theta stage for two axis linear / rotary motion control applications. The Z axis linear motion is achieved by using a brushless linear motor positioning stage (P/N SRT-024-04-360-040-01) operating under closed loop position control. […]

Air Bearing Gantry for Laser Applications

NEW! Motion Control – Air Bearing Gantry for Laser Applications from Steinmeyer! BURLINGTON, MA — Steinmeyer – Feinmess Dresden has developed an innovative air bearing gantry system with large travel range and high payload capability, especially designed for laser machining of thin layersolar panels. The same concept can also be used for other highly dynamic […]

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