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Motion Control Application- Maxon Drives Help People Walk Again!

At the first Cybathlon in Zürich, researchers are presenting the world’s best exoskeletons – devices that enable paraplegics to walk again. Motors from Switzerland play a central part in this development. Fall River, MA — Motion Control Components Application – On October 8th 2016, people with paraplegia are going on a footrace at the Cybathlon […]

Motion Control Components – Multi-axes Systems from Intellidrives!

INTELLIGENT ACTUATORS are highly programmable, integrated actuators with a motor, encoder, amplifier, controller, USB communication, and IOs.   Philadelphia, PA, — Motion Control Components and Systems – These stages come fully pre-configured and enable true out-of-the box controls. They are perfect for the confines and requirements of the laboratory and are also applicable for use […]

Bushed DC Linear Motors from H2W Technologies

Linear Motion – DC Linear Brush Motors from H2W Technologies Product Info: Travel – 1 to 120 inches [0.025 to 3 m] Velocity – 1 to 100 inches/sec [0.025 to 2.5 m/s] Acceleration – 0.1 to 12 G’s 0.1 to 12 G’s Peak Force – 12 to 207 lbs [53 to 920 N] Continuous Force […]

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